7 Reasons to Not Skip Your Next Dental Appointment

Teeth! Most of us have them, had them, or want them. It’s safe to say that it’s a basic human desire to have teeth. But, did you know there is a secret way to keep your teeth for longer, keep them whiter, and be healthier? Come closer, I don’t want to say this secret too loudly…

You ready? Here it is…

Keep. Your. Appointments.

Whoa. Mind-blown, right?

Yes, we are saying this all in the name of fun – but the reality is all too real. Every day we see people skipping an appointment because of some reason or another. But, take it from us, there is no good reason for you to skip a dental appointment. But, like you needed more reasons, here are seven reasons not to skip your next dental appointment.

  1. A previous commitment: Not to sound like a poor sport, but you promised you’d be here for us like six months ago. Aren’t we your previous engagement? What, did you forget you had your wedding on that Tuesday six months from that last time you were in here? It’s simple, either we’re a priority or your teeth are not.
  2. It’s just the Dentist: Really? I mean we put over 8 years into school just to be here for you. Can’t you show up for us? We won’t have our feelings hurt (too much), but you have to understand that we are here because it’s good for you. As dental professionals, we have your best interests in mind.
  3. But I floss: … sure you do.
  4. Oral Cancer: Sorry, did you not know that we are the first line of defense when it comes to noticing oral abnormalities? No? Well, there you go. Oral Cancer is a serious disease that can appear in a wide variety of ways. Going to your dentist on a regular basis is the best way to make sure you stay up to date on regular screenings.
  5. I don’t feel bad: Yes, you might not feel bad, but that’s the best time to come! Preventive dentistry means that we are trying to avoid getting into a situation where you do feel bad. Keeping a regular schedule with your dentist and hygienist means that we will catch things before they become major issues.
  6. The dentist is expensive: For many people in Ontario, dentistry is not free (although there are a few programs that can help). If you don’t have insurance or benefits from your employer, it could mean that you’re fitting the whole bill. But, going back to our last point, a few hygiene appointments a year will help keep you in the clear of a much bigger extraction or implant bill down the road.
  7. My teeth look fine: When was the last time you looked under your gumline? X-rays help us keep on top of what’s happening where you can’t see. You have no idea what could be happening under your gumline just out of sight.

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