Our Sterilization Mandate

Our Sterilization Mandate

A dental clinic is not always the most desirable of venues. So when you visit Dr. Yabut Smile in Guelph, we work hard to ensure that everything is hygienic and organized according to the standards laid out by the CDHO, the CDA and the RCDSO. Our dental office prioritizes the use of safe, clean environments above all else.

Our team of Dental Assistants, headed up by Kim, ensures that these standards are maintained and kept in high regard. Beyond that, we believe that transparency is the best policy when it comes to your oral health and the care that your oral health professionals take in providing you with the best services.

“Everyone will notice that they walk through our sterilization station,” said Kim. “This gives transparency to the process that goes on before and after you are sitting in the chair.”

Dr. Yabut Smile ensures that all tools and equipment are sterilized and disinfected before use. We do this using:

–          a dental autoclave: a pressure chamber that uses heat to sterilize equipment

–          cold sterilization: a EPA-approved solution that cleans reusable items

–          tuberculocidal wipes: a wipe used to disinfect surfaces before, in-between and after each patient

–          disposables: we use disposable items in our office that will only be used once, then disposed of

“Essentially, we want to make sure that everyone who walks in our doors has a very good experience,” explained Kim. “Sterilization is just part of how we do that. We want people to be comfortable and feel knowledgeable about our office.”

The staff at our office are also our patients. We strongly believe that a clean environment is simply the gold standard. And a clean environment paired with staff that are treating you how they would want to be treated when they’re in the same chair is just the best combination.

Dr. Reymarie Yabut encourages anyone with concerns or questions about our sterilization mandate should feel free to ask any of our dental associates. We’ll always be honest while doing our best to make your visit a pleasant one.

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