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Welcome to Dr. Yabut Smile in Guelph!

We are celebrating our 20th year Anniversary! We sincerely appreciate your confidence in using our services.  
Click here https://youtu.be/pWt8l6cqt3M and enjoy this short video.

Dr. Reymarie Yabut and her team provide dental care for you and your whole family.  We are dedicated to ensuring that our patients enjoy the benefits of having healthy teeth and gums for life!

Our patients are amazing people from various backgrounds and lifestyles. From children to students and even senior citizens; everyone will find themselves at home and under the best of care when visiting Dr. Yabut’s office in Downtown Guelph.

Our focus is always on the individual needs of each patient. Every member of our highly-trained team is committed to ensuring that you are informed and cared for with the highest quality of service. Rest assured that any of your concerns will be acknowledged with respect and care.

We would be happy to welcome you into our dental family and invite you to browse our website to learn more about us or to contact the Dr. Yabut Smile team. We look forward to taking care of you.


Our office has been open (again) in the past few months including hygiene appointments with our hygienist Katie.

It was great to see some of you and to hear your stories on how you have handled such challenging times.

Like everyone, your oral health care routine has been disrupted in these unprecedented times. There were a lot of chip/fractured teeth and teeth discomfort- some associated to bleeding gums and moderate to severe pain that we have seen over this span of three weeks.

It will be our privilege to get you back on track with the professional care that is so important to your oral health and overall health.

Yes, we all look different when you see us with all our additional PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to ensure both our safety and yours.

There is still an ongoing shortage of PPE and the cost to obtain them have increased substantially.

With utmost diligence and thoughtful consideration, our office will be adding a COVID-19 fee of $10.00 in addition to your dental procedures’ charges per visit starting next month.

This additional fee will not be included in certain multiple dental visits i.e. ongoing Orthodontic work, denture adjustments, and other procedures that will not require the use of aerosol.

This is ONLY TEMPORARY and will only be done during this pandemic.

For those of you that have dental insurance coverage- this additional fee may or may not be covered. The Ontario Dental Association have provided us a code and a fee guide to do this.

During this pandemic, safety necessitates our ability to procure and purchase PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), to ensure the highest possible standards for safe environmental conditions and protocol for staff and patients.

We also must emphasize that many dental situations can be preventable when treated early. Oral diseases are chronic diseases, they can become worse if left untreated.

Due to the patient backlog that we are taking care of (with consideration of limited staff and stagger appointment), we are seeing less patients a day.

We are here to serve you and your kind consideration in understanding the new protocol and procedures are greatly valued and appreciated. We are here as your partners in helping you achieve the best possible oral health.


Praying for your safety and protection while all of us enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather that Summer brings!

Regular Office hours
Monday through Thursday, from 9am to 5pm, and Friday Closed.

Important Guidelines for Patients during COVID-19


The Woman Behind It All

Dr. Yabut offers dental services for your entire family’s dental needs. We are located in beautiful downtown Guelph at 215 Woolwich Street in a charming historic heritage house. We’ve been serving Guelph and the surrounding area with family-friendly dentistry.

We offer dental services for all ages including children, seniors and everyone in between! Dr. Yabut Smile’s staff are committed to providing overall comfort and wellness to your entire family.

Watch this video so you’ll see some of the steps we added to ensure everyone’s SAFETY and PROTECTION against the spread of COVID-19. WE WELCOME YOU BACK!

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